Why Choose a Pankey Dentist?

What is a Pankey-trained Dentist?

Dental School teaches dentists how to be technically proficient in their work, but not every dentist pursues continuing education and training to develop a philosophy behind the type of care they provide to patients. A Pankey-trained dentist strives to find balance in all aspects of their life, leading to higher levels of satisfaction with their work and in-turn more meaningful relationships with their patients. With a Pankey-trained dentist, you will find a dentist who genuinely cares about you, your comfort and preserving your teeth.

 At the heart of the Pankey training is the idea that dentists must develop a closer and true interest in the patient, understanding their needs to provide a true sense of caring.

Imagine a time in dentistry where the majority of work centered around extracting all problem teeth. During the 1920s, a dentist named L.D. Pankey found himself both dissatisfied with his work and pulling out teeth rather than saving them. After much study and thought, he began developing a philosophy to his dentistry that focused on saving teeth rather than destroying them, as well as creating a patient-centered level of care. This turned into the development of the Pankey Institute, a place for dentists to learn about this philosophy and extend it to their own lives and practices.

What Does This Look Like for You as a Patient?

Dr. Gessner is a Pankey-trained dentist, which means that everything about how our dental office in Longwood operates is based on his training. He sees his patients and their oral health as his passion, and you will find the whole team really cares about you and your teeth. You will see this in both the way that you are greeted and the level of oral care that you receive.

What does choosing a Pankey-trained dentist mean to you?

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your total oral health, including your muscles, joints, gums and teeth.  Concentrating on how all these components can work in a harmonious, balanced system.
  • We listen to you about your past experiences with dentistry and work with you to formulate an achievable plan for the future.
  • You will find answers to any questions that you may have, and we will work together every step of the way.
  • We will help you make the best possible decisions for your oral care.
  • You will find understanding of the vital need for dental care.
  • Most of all, we will do everything we can to save your teeth rather than remove them.

Overall, a Pankey-trained dentist like Dr. Gessner looks at not just the technical aspect of dentistry, but also (and more importantly) the personal side.

If you have questions, or you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Gessner, please call us at 407-862-2299.

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